10 Lessons We Can Learn From Babies


As we grow older we look to the generations that came before us for wisdom and advice. While we don’t normally think of doing so, we can also look to baby infants for life lessons. Babies can impart a lot of wisdom, for example, Living in the moment.

Live in the Moment

Adults have a terrible habit of worrying about future or dwelling in the past. Babies on the other hand only worry about what is happening in the present. Commit yourself to the moment.

Laugh a Lot

There are times to be serious, times to be sad, times to be angry, but when times are good, laugh a little bit.

Express Yourself

If your upset or mad, let it out, maybe with slightly better communication skills. If people don’t know how you are feeling they can’t help make it better.

Get Active

Next time you are watching TV, and your active baby makes you pause in the middle of your show, you may want to consider joining them for a little exercise.

Be Curious

Make an effort to discover new things.

Learn a Language

Pick up a new languages and boost brain development.

Be More Open

Babies make friends with almost everyone they meet. Next time you are presented with the opportunity to get to know someone new, take advantage.

Eat When You Are Hungry

Pay attention to your body and don’t let a schedule rule your life. This will help you avoid eating unhealthy snacks.

Sleep When You are Sleepy

Napping doesn’t make you week or lazy, it makes you less fatigued and more alert and less likely to make mistakes.

Keep Practicing

Babies learn to walk by trying over and over again. Consider practicing an investment in your future.