Scary Reasons Why Babies And Tablets Don’t Mix


Babies are getting better and better with technology and using mobile devices at surprisingly young stages of development. The question most parents are asking is at what age should babies be allowed to use digital media. The question is how young is too young.

The American Pediatric Association say that screens should be avoided before the age of two. Children under the two may not be able to distinguish the difference between screens. They may lack the ability understand dual representation which is the ability to look at a photo of a car and understand it’s a picture of car and a representation of a car.

Child psychologists also point out that interactive apps can interfere with a child’s story comprehension. Apps lack the necessary range linguistic cues of a human speaker, which are crucial for early language development in kids as they need to able to try mimicking facial expressions, gestures, tones of voice, and body language.

While it is impossible to keep babies away from devices that are everywhere. So just make sure you focus on real life contact and interaction with your kids instead of letting devices raise and teach them.

What do you think, how much screen time is too much screen time?