5 Things Women Do Wrong When Trying To Get Pregnant


1. Not Having Enough Times

Most women think it’s only important to have sex when ovulating, but chances are, your calculations are off. In an effort to save your man’s sperm or make sure you’re into it on ovulation days, you may be missing the key days anyway. There’s no such thing as too much sex, and the more you have it, the more you’ll want it. Make sure to hit those key ovulating days.

2. Using Lube

Surprisingly, some commercial lubricants may decrease the sperm’s mobility and make it more difficult to get pregnant. If you have to use lubrication, try one that specifically says it’s sperm friendly, or, if you want a natural alternative, try using coconut oil!

3. Having Sex In Only Missionary

Some women believe the missionary position is the best position to get pregnant in and afterwards elevate their hips. This takes away a lot of the fun out of having sex, and not only is it just as easy to get pregnant no matter what sexual position you try, the monotony may decrease your libido.

4. Making Sex A Chore

If your monitoring your body and trying to keep track of your most fertile days, and forcing sex when you think you can easily get pregnant instead of when you want it, you run the risk of turning sex into a chore. You also may likely be mistiming your ovulation and miss the key time to have sex anyway.

5. Stress

The health of your entire body, not just your reproductive health, can affect your ability to get pregnant. Don’t forget to take care of your entire body, not just your eggs. Especially if you are finding yourself stressed about having getting pregnant, you may want to take a break from trying to make sure you are not negatively affecting your own health in the process.