7 Things That Sum Up Your First Trimester


1. Your Whole Body Hurts


From nausea to breasts aching to not being able to poop, everything seems to hurt during the first trimester. In addition, you have heartburn and absolutely no energy.

2. The Cravings


You can’t tell when you’ll be hungry and what crazy concoction you’ll be hungry for, but chances are, when you finally get it, you won’t want it anymore.

3. Bump Patrol


Every morning begins with you standing in front of the mirror with your shirt lifted up looking for that bump. The morning you finally see a bump without sticking out your tummy imagining one is the most exciting day of the first trimester.

4. Guess What? I’m Pregnant!

first-trimester-share-the news

You’re telling everyone you know, probably more than once or twice. You probably roll over every morning and tell your man just to hear the words again.

5. You Cry at the Drop of a Hat


Literally. A commercial with a cute puppy could come on that brings you to tears. Your friend got a new job and you cry for them. You have probably never been this empathetic in your life and you don’t get why your man doesn’t find everything as emotional as you do. You guys are having a baby for goodness sake!

6. You Get on a First Name Basis With Your Doctor


Between all those doctor visits and calls of “is this normal?” you and your doctor get pretty friendly. You have probably already discussed your baby’s future up through college.

7. Excitement/Fatigue/Anxiety


You probably feel all three at the same time ALL the time. It’s hard to manage all your emotions during the first trimester as you’re still getting used to the idea of being pregnant and your hormones are going crazy. Sit back and enjoy the ride!