6 Cool Things Pregnancy Does To Your Body


Okay, besides the coolest of them all – creating a human – your body undergoes some astounding changes during pregnancy.

1. You’re More Bendable


Women produce a hormone called relaxin. During pregnancy relaxin loosens certain ligaments in the mother’s pelvic area in preparation for childbirth, leaving you feeling more flexible. Source

2. Your Feet Get Bigger


Relaxin also loosens the ligaments in your feet, essentially spreading them. That spreading, along with pregnancy-related swelling, can increase the size of your feet by a shoe size, which may or may not be permanent. Source

3. You Produce More Blood


During pregnancy, your heart works harder than usual to pump blood to the growing baby. Towards the last trimester, your heart will pump nearly 50% more blood through the body than before pregnancy. Source

4. Your Internal Organs Relocate


It might be hard to fathom, but a woman’s uterus grows up to 500 times its pre-pregnancy size. As your expanding uterus pushes upwards toward the rib cage, surrounding organs like your stomach and intestines are temporarily displaced. Everything will gradually shift back into place in the weeks after birth. Source

5. You Smell Better


Or to be more specific – your nose works better. Estrogen is responsible for increasing your sense of smell throughout pregnancy. This makes you more susceptible to those icky smells that make you nauseous. Know your triggers and go smell the roses instead! Source

6. You Feel Like A Mama Bird


Like birds, humans exhibit a primal urge to “nest” or prepare a clean, safe spot to raise their offspring. Recent studies show that a mother’s urge to organize and prepare her surroundings before her baby’s arrival is an ancestral one that encourages the baby’s safety and promotes bonding. Source