10 Fascinating Facts About Newborn Babies


Babies are beautiful, curious and maybe even a little bit scary to the first-time parent. Here is some information about your new bundle of joy that might make they seem a bit less mysterious.

They Have No Kneecaps


Our kneecaps begin as cartilage and over time turn into bone through a process called ossification. That is why your baby’s knees feel soft to the touch. Source

They Are Nearsighted


Though they are able to see objects and colors as well as an adult, their brains aren’t able to process images beyond 8-15 inches in front of them. Source

They Cannot Taste Salt


Newborns cannot taste salt until around 4 months and show a preference for sweetness. Science suggests this is mother’s nature way of protecting young kidneys which are unable to process large amounts of salt. Source

They Have Hair In Strange Places


Lanugo, the temporary coating of hair that sometimes covers newborns is believed to help regulate the baby’s temperature in utero. The baby will shed it in the days or weeks after birth. Source

They Can Swim


Well kind of. Until around 6 months of age, babies exhibit the bradycardic response which allows them to hold their breath underwater. Source

They Don’t Shed Tears


Newborns tears ducts are not fully formed until 3 – 5 months, so they might cry but they won’t shed tears. Source

They Are Really Bony


Newborns are born with 300 bones. In time, some will fuse together leaving them with 206 bones in adulthood. Source

They Are Super Strong


A newborn’s grip is so strong that they could theoretically support their own body weight. Source:

They Can Pick Mom Out Of A Line-Up


Newborns have a primal preference for mom. They can identify their mother from other females by her scent and voice. Source

There Really Do Love “Baby Talk”


You can feel good about making a fool of yourself for the sake of entertaining your little one. Research shows babies a preference for higher-pitched more melodic voices, over deeper, sterner ones. Source