5 Healthy Disciplinary Actions


Although 93% of parents justify spanking, a shocking majority of them would rather not spank their children if they had an alternative method of discipline. Here are 5 healthy alternatives to spanking your children.

1. Time-Outs

In order for time-outs to work, children need to understand the concept of waiting and being quiet. A good rule to use is one minute of time-out per year of age. Be sure to explain what appropriate behaviors are before and after the time-out. During the time-out period be sure to remove all positive parental attention.

2. Remove Privileges

Remove toys and other favorite items. Utilize grounding techniques including loss of electronic devices, loss of internet, loss of social privileges, loss of dessert.

3. Verbal Reasoning

Stay calm but firm when giving instruction/discipline. Involve your child in decision making to help them improve their moral judgement. Give the child a choice between behaving badly and the negative consequences or behaving well enjoying the positive rewards.

4. Positive Reinforcement of Good Behaviors

Identify positive behaviors and reinforce desired behaviors with praise. Implement special time where positive attention from parents are integrated into the child’s daily routine.

5. Establish Healthy Rules & Boundaries

Provide clear expectations and goals for behavior. Make sure the child fully understands what is expected of their behavior as well as the consequences for breaking rules.