How To Make The Terrible Twos Less Terrible


Tired of hearing the word “no?” Think about these following ways to look at the Terrible Twos.

Introduce Consequences

At two, your child is learning the power of the word “no.” It’s also time to learn what happens when they use that word. “If you won’t put your shoes on, we can’t go to the toy store.” “If you don’t eat your dinner, you can’t have dessert.” Consequences teach them they can say “no,” but that might not always be what they want to do.

Give Them Choices

Hand in hand with consequences is choices. “Do you want to clean up the blocks or these toys?” It still makes them feel empowered, which is what they really want at two anyway, and still gets done what you need to.

Give Them Responsibilities

Giving them small chores that they can easily do will make them feel confident and like you trust them. Have them help set the table or throw something away. They will feel like they are helping you.

Naps, Naps, Naps

Make sure your child is getting enough sleep and at regular times. Naps should always be predictable and regular. Nothing makes two more terrible than a sleep deprived two-year-old.

Ignore Them

Sometimes negative behavior is just for attention. If you are reacting to every negative behavior with lots of attention, this reinforces it.

Talk To Other Moms

Parents who have recently gone through this stage or are going through it with you may have some great tips they have discovered. You’ll never know if you don’t ask!


Give them lots of attention for good behaviors while ignoring small negative ones. It will greatly encourage the positive behaviors.


Learning about the stage of development your child is at and child psychology can only give you more insight into their little minds and help you know what they’re going through. If you can speak their language, it may get you the results you want.